37th Birthday Studio Card

Monday, February 06, 2006


The top drawing is from LISE. She bought me a huge bag of JELLY BELLY jelly beans! Thus the goldfish with the bag of jelly beans. Oh, and the reason for the goldfish is because that is the production we are currently working on. ALAINE's drawing is hillarious. I just got the joke now. The jelly belly reference is obvious. But why the French beret on my head and the French bread under my arm? ...because I was born in Toulouse France!!! Those are my big round human fly sun glasses. The birthday wish from CARLOS is self explanatory. I don't know who drew the fish with bomb on his head. My guess is, it is a reference to the recent uproar about that cartoonist that drew Muhammed with a bomb on his head. But I do not worship goldfish.


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