37th Birthday Studio Card

Monday, February 06, 2006


Okay. This one requires some explaining. I have a cat named RAZOR. He is 5 years old. Just this summer he started pooing on my bed and on the futon. He still pees in the litter box, just refuses to poo in it. He might be asserting his dominance over my other cat, also a male. I have tried everything to stop Razor from doing this. I screamed at him, I rubbed his nose in his mess, I hit him, I hugged and comforted him, I showed him extra affection. Nothing has worked. I have one more trick up my sleeve. If it doesn't work, I am left with only one option. I do not want to give him to the humane society, it would be very cruel for him to be caged up in a small cage, he would be suffering and very miserable. I can't give him away, because I won't know if whoever takes him won't give him to the humane society if he has the same problem. So I half jokingly said I would have to take him out into the woods, with an axe and put him down myself. I wouldn't get a vet to inject him, because it would be something I need to do myself. Like in my grandparents day, when a farm animal is ill, you take it out back behind the barn and kill it yourself. I dont think it will have to come to that. My new trick to get him to use the litterbox again will work. I hope. Anyway in GUY's drawing there is a decapitated RAZOR pooing on my bed. 'Nuff said.


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